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Social Media – why all the hype?

Social Media sites have taken the Internet by storm and quickly transformed the way that we interact and market on the web. As our world grows more crowded by the day, yet becomes increasingly more impersonal and isolating, social media sites have become the place to hangout and connect with one another.

People need a way to see out from their offices and cubicles and social media sites have become the perfect window.

Social media sites and SMO campaigns offer users many opportunities, including the following:

• Sharing ideas and opinions with one another
• Taking part in thought provoking discussions
• Making friends and contacts from across the globe
• Speaking to a large, but targeted audience
• Revealing the influential personal identities behind corporate giants
• Enhancing your overall brand identity

Sites like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are perfect platforms for businesses to communicate on a personal level with clients, colleagues and potential customers. People like buying from those they trust and know – so let’s get a two-way relationship started with your target audience today.

We will optimize your SMO sites – this is a must!

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a natural partner with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and a Social Media Optimization campaign should be at the top of your SEO efforts and online advertising campaigns.

By seamlessly integrating carefully selected keyphrases into clever posts and tweets, your target audience will find you more easily. Optimized posts feed the social sits information that they need to display your site as the most relevant result for a query.

By integrating successful SEO techniques into fun, readable posts – your client base will grow along side your brand’s identity, and you’ll see a lot more traffic heading to your website.

Still trying to decide whether Social Media is right for you? Take a look at these stats:

Facebook has nearly a billion active users, while Twitter has over a half a million users, and both are rapidly growing everyday. (As of April 2012).

It’s also important to note that the users over 35 years old are the fastest growing demographic – social media is certainly not child’s play. With these kinds of numbers, it’s vital that you join the global conversation and start generating buzz around your brand’s identity (while feeding more SEO fuel to the search engine fire).

Why is hiring a Ghostwriter for your Social Media campaign a great idea?

A few of the many benefits of a hiring a ghostwriter include the following:

• Keeping up with clever posts and tweets that entertain and intrigue your audience is a time consuming task that takes creative knowhow. Word Refuge will relieve you of this added business duty by implementing and maintaining a smart SMO strategy for you.

• SEO techniques should be seamlessly integrated into your SMO campaign. As with SEO, social marketing strategies aim to garner more online visibility and recognition, while simultaneously boosting your website up the ranks of the search engines. Word Refuge has the experience and education to do this for your business effectively and efficiently.

• Word Refuge will research your target audience to determine which voice, style, tone and content should be used to best connect and resonate with your audience. The voice of your brand’s identity should be consistent across all of your social media sites. Word Refuge will use creative writing techniques, direct response principles, wit, charm and sophistication to cleverly tell your business narrative.

Yet, beware! Don’t let your Social Media Optimization campaign damage your reputation.

The last thing you want is to incessantly bombard your Facebook or Twitter followers with automated spammy, marketing material. That’s taking the easy, and less desirable road. People use these sites to share, connect and explore. They’re there for entertainment and important information and become incredibly annoyed when their news feeds are bulging with marketing jargon and useless links.

So don’t fall victim to black-hat SEO techniques that give your brand an unwanted image. Let Word Refuge write it for you the right way. We’ll introduce and establish your identity in a positive, sophisticated light.

Leverage the SEO power of Social Marketing by contacting our Creative SEO Copywriting and Branding Services now for a free quote.

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