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Need to share something important? Then let’s send a letter…

People love buying from brands that they know. By sending out a weekly or monthly email newsletter, your customer base will develop a strong sense of who you are and what you offer. When they go to look for that product or service, they will instinctively think of you – you’ll be top-of-mind.

Through engaging, creative and entertaining copywriting, people will enjoy reading what you’re sending. We will keep them on their toes with tantalizing titles that they can’t help but click.

Because let’s face it, we all receive a lot of marketing material that we merely brush aside or skim. So it’s crucial to write newsletters that engage, inspire and resonate with customers – we’ll tell your story in a fun, readable way. Let’s make it a story!

At Word Refuge, we not only inspire your customers to open the newsletter, we compel them to read the copy from start to finish – and take action. We do this through successful direct response copywriting techniques, engaging prose and stylish graphic design.

Let’s make your newsletter look fantastic, too.

Word Refuge has access to an international network of talented creatives. We can pull professional graphic designers, illustrators, animators and even painters onto your project that give your newsletter a creative edge.

So let’s take a fresh approach to your eNewsletter campaign, today.

Contact our Creative SEO Copywriting and Branding Services, now and let’s begin brainstorming interesting topics that will inspire your customers to take action.

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